10+ Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

After New Year the big event we are all waiting for is Valentine’s Day. So our next missing is……… cards with full of Love and Hearts. Grab your markers, papers, scissors and get on to work with pink-red hearts and XoXos. Whether you make lovely, cute or funny Valentine’s Day cards make sure to express your love to the right person.

Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for us to show our love to our loved ones. For that you don’t need to spend a fortune. You can just write something beautiful and deliver it to your lover and it’s very romantic. The presentation might bring out the most of your messages in the most lovely way. Here I have more than 10 different Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for you which might help you with the presentation of your messages in the most easiest yet romantic way.

  1. Show your love with small cute hearts with sweet messages inside. source file (1)
  2. Cut out little hearts from patterned papers and attach them on a card with you messages inside. source                                                               Easy-Handmade-Valentines-day-card-photos
  3. We all love Harry Potter and we all love Quidditch. Not everyone can catch the golden snitch.  source il_fullxfull__700
  4. Yes!! I’m Hooked on you only. source       il_570xN.700715441_232s
  5. Funny Valentine’s Day Cards. source      il_570xN.561609234_gccn
  6. Another Valentine’s Day Cards. source      il_570xN.549526079_j9os
  7. tic-tac-toe source                                                                                                   Love You Forever cp
  8. source valentines-cards-star-cute-printable-easy-diy-kids
  9. Stitched heart source yarn-string-heart-card-kids
  10. source                                     file
  11. Pink-Red-White little hearts for you. source                    20150201_27_by_paperandribbons
  12. source      3b336843b04c65768628b363ce3d6b20
  13. Fluffy hearts in the sky. Let’s ride the clouds. source       il_570xN.626479066_cmew
  14. I’m going to spam you with my love. source      il_570xN.551371599_hmbw         Have a exclusive Valentine’s Day this year!

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